Interior Waterproofing: When your interiors are protected well, there would be no speckle of moisture inside no matter what. The organization makes sure that basements that are most prone to moisture are dealt with and serviced well.

  • Exterior Waterproofing: Exterior waterproofing is essentials as it makes sure that water does not dare to enter the interiors. If the outside surface is moisture proof, the interior waterproofing wouldn’t be much of a problem.
  • Emergency Services: There may be times when you would need emergency services. You would feel helpless, but we at Plan Waterproofing Corporation would be there by your side. We offer 24/7 services for our customers so that they get the best of best no matter what. Our expert team is proficient in handling emergency situations and would help you even if we have to go beyond our limits. 

Need for interior waterproofing:

  • Prevent Leaks
  • Do away with mold
  • Avert structural damage

The process of interior waterproofing:

  • Installation of dehumidifiers: the moisture in the air can cause the real harm by affecting the quality of air that surpasses the surroundings. The moisture may also ruin the walls and floors and thus must be controlled. When a dehumidifier is installed around the property, all the excess moisture would be soaked in thus making way for breathable environments around.
  • French Drain installation: Usually installed in basements, French drain has been the most effective way to avert moisture. They are installed beneath the basement floors and are apt at catching the clogged water and diverting it to the sump pump systems.
  • Sump-Pump installation: Once the water has been diverted by the French drain, there needs to be a source that directs it to the drainage system. This is the very role of sump pump systems that make sure that water gets successfully carried away from the property premises.

Need for exterior waterproofing:

  • Prevent damage to interiors
  • Add overall value to the structure
  • Regain the ultimate peace of mind

The process of exterior waterproofing:

  • Filling Basement Gaps: Excavation process would be done followed by filling cracks and gaps with hydraulic cement. This step would make sure that no inlets are left unattended making way for unwanted water.
  • Installing Waterproofing Membranes: An elastomeric membrane would be installed to the exteriors so as to block the way of water in any form. A heavy coat of membrane is applied so as to ensure you get the best services from our end.
  • Drainage Membrane Installation: A drainage membrane is a dimpled shield that further protects the applied waterproofing membrane. This makes sure your foundation gets the best protection from exterior forces of nature.
  • Weeping Tiles Installation: It is a kind of porous pipe that is buried down the foundation and makes sure the water gets diverted to the drainage system. All the accumulated underground water gets away from the property and that too effectively.


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